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News: Comic Translations and Business Cards!

Alright, this website’s been up for a while and I am still pretty proud of it! It performs semi-well, but over all I’m p. happy about having this project done and over. On another note, we’re working on a few translations of Akav! While I myself am working on translating the comic to German, there are going to be three more translations! Russian by anna2002w (first chapter) and Rianna Laine and their assistant (continuous chapters) Spanish by Alan D.D.  Portuguese by laiscnogueira Go and give them a visit! Their help is very much appreciated, we thank them for spending their time on translating our story! On another note, I received our first set of business cards today! Aren’t they neat? I feel p. professional with these. Will also receive a set of Buttons which will go to patrons first! These I’ll hand out whenever I meet someone who’s interested, on conventions and other meetups! Gotta spread the lizard-love, right? Okay, that’s it for now! […]

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As of now, this website is LIVE!

Everything is done, additional features will be added before the great launch which will probably happen as soon as we can monetize our site. Either way, for now it is live and ready to be checked out by you guys first! Go and explore, read, test and if you want you can let us know in case you encounter any problems! This was a ton of work that I’ve started doing early February and I am very, very proud of how it turned out to look like. There are still a few features I want to add here and there, but this has time until the big launch, as mentioned above c: A big thanks goes out to our supporters on Patreon, this would not have been possible without you guys! ~Nati

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