News: Comic Translations and Business Cards!

Alright, this website’s been up for a while and I am still pretty proud of it! It performs semi-well, but over all I’m p. happy about having this project done and over.

On another note, we’re working on a few translations of Akav!

While I myself am working on translating the comic to German, there are going to be three more translations!

Go and give them a visit! Their help is very much appreciated, we thank them for spending their time on translating our story!

On another note, I received our first set of business cards today! Aren’t they neat?

I feel p. professional with these. Will also receive a set of Buttons which will go to patrons first!

These I’ll hand out whenever I meet someone who’s interested, on conventions and other meetups!

Gotta spread the lizard-love, right?

Okay, that’s it for now! Have a great time and see you next Sunday when it’s time to update again!




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