Akrav is a project between two passionate people, Nati (Germany) and Em (Iceland). This project started off as a private side project but spiralled out of control and became its own thing. We are looking forward to sharing the world of Akrav with others and taking you on an adventure!







Em is the colorist/writer of the comic and in charge of all the awful puns. Em has a media degree and dreams about enough free time to do animations and games for Akrav.







Nati  is the artist/writer of the comic. Drawing since her early childhood she’s always had a passion for visual storytelling and her first main characters were her family’s pets. Over the years Nati’s kept her interest in animated, cartoony media and favors it over live action. With a passion for character design and the development of a fictional world her dream’s always been to add a story of her own on the big market of cartoons and comics and this dream’s finally coming true in the shape of Akrav. 




Feel free to contact us, at akrav-comic@hotmail.com if you have any further questions.