This is an Ahrazoh dancer who represents the perfect beauty standards: Big horns, long hair and a long tail with a big, bushy hairtuft.

The race of the Ahrazoh are tall and proud people.

Primarily traders, Ahrazoh keep to themselves in their own cities. The Ahrazoh are very religious and take it as a sacred responsibility to limit their interactions with the other races, so they try to keep their interracial interactions strictly business related.

The Ahrazoh’s hair and horns are sacred, and the length of them is a symbol of status and beauty. The longer the hair, the more attractive and respected the individual is.


They are bipedal digitgrades with a long tail that helps them keep their balance. What distinguishes them visually the most from the other races of Akrav are the Ahrazoh’s four arms as well as their dark nose and forehead-plate, which is where strong horns grow from. Their torsos are long and with their double sets of arms comes a double set of pecks. For females, only the lower pair develops into breasts during puberty and males have nipples only on the lower set of pecks.

Unlike the common race as well as the lizardfolk, Ahrazoh teeth aren’t particularly sharp and their canines are of moderate size, similar to humans in our world. Their diet is mostly vegetarian, spicy and starch-based, but most Ahrazoh would not deny meat for festive days and events.

Their hair and hairtufts on their tails are always black-colored, and elder individuals keep the color while losing some of the silky shine which is so very characteristic for their race.

Skin colors reach from dark, brownish red over dark pink to purple tones and skin colors are purely hereditary, as is the general shape of the headplate and horns.

After eleven to twelve months of pregnancy an Ahrazoh female gives birth to usually one child, in some very rare cases twins. Ahrazoh babies are similar to humans, helpless and depending on attention and care for the first few years of their life, they are considered toddlers at 3-4 years old and then grow into children at about 8-9 years who then turn into young adults at around 17 to 18 years. Ahrazoh mature rather late compared to other races. At the earliest females are biologically ready to have children of their own at approximately 20 years while males usually mature a little earlier.


The Ahrazoh believe in the Great Goddess, Ahzelea, the bringer of life, death, riches and happiness. Her love and power was gifted to the Ahrazoh in the form of a divine child, born from a virgin in the First Capital. The Young God was the first Holy Emperor of the Ahrazoh, served by the holy priestesses; the messengers of the Goddess, until he rejoined his True Mother.


Vices such as drink, lust and violence are not tolerated in Ahrazoh society, marriages are sacred contracts but do not include free intimacy. Sex is traditionally a once a year event during mating season (which is right after monsoon took place, so the children would be born around the beginning of the next monsoon) to conceive children. The act is holy and can only happen after the couple has been blessed by the goddess’s ritual and given permission to procreate by the priestesses. Since sex is strictly to procreate, the Ahrazoh culture has no understanding of relationships between individuals of the same sex or with other species.


  • Female Ahrazoh like to wrap veils around their horns and cover the sides of their heads with translucent, silky fabrics. It’s both a decorative accessory and protection from the harsh sunlight and insects.
  • Males who want to appear particularly fashionable and elegant prefer to shave off their beards and dress more feminine. This underlines their connection and loyalty to the goddess Ahzelea. Beards are a taste-thing for both the person who wears it or a female who possibly prefers it. A female with a partner who does not have long hair but an impressive beard instead might appreciate to appear even more beautiful and feminine next to her partner.
  • Ahrazoh hair grows very slowly, especially after they reached maturity. If an Ahrazoh’s hair is shaved off, it most likely will not grow longer than shoulder length for the rest of their life.
  • Ahrazoh who live outside of their society’s cities and villages sometimes start relationships with non-ahrazoh which is usually shunned by their culture.


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