The Commons

The Common Race in its roots is an amalgamation of various different tribes and races, but crossbreeding and time has made them indistinguishable from one another, and these people now call themselves the Desert Folk or the ‘Commons’.

As a cauldron of cultures, the Common race is the largest demographic in the wasteland, making up almost half of the population. They can be found in all parts of the desert, and in any profession. They are the everyman of the wasteland, and can be found in each rung of the social ladder, from lowly peasants to highborn rulers of the land. Unlike lizardfolk or Ahrazoh they do not feel any cohesion or kinship to other individuals of their race. They are not responsible for each other and a waterbaron feels no injustice when enslaving one of his own kind.

They value relationship by blood, not by being part of the same culture.

The Desertfolk can exhibit various animal traits; such as tails, horns or ears. Though these might not always be visible with the naked eye or occasionally not be present at all, if the trait is not genetically dominant. These traits are hereditary but can skip a generation in some cases, though it doesn’t matter much to the people, who largely do not discriminate based on the traits they have. Different sets of traits can enhance a person’s set of skills a bit. Someone with bigger, animal-like ears has slightly improved hearing. Individuals with a tail have improved balance.

The traits are restricted to ears and tail/no tail as well as possible horns.

Skin colors can range from dark green over brown tones to a muddy orange.


The Common folk share a belief in several gods, and believe that each one of them has a place in the afterlife dedicated to their most loyal worshippers. The gods derive of from the “Old Gods”, an old religion shared by all the cultures that make up what is now the Desert Folk. Historians have found that while these differing texts and recollections of the gods don’t agree in all aspects, the similar interpretation of religion and the Old Gods was possibly what brought the tribes together.

Family and relationships:

The common race traditionally only have one partner at a time, marrying and commonly creating family units containing, parents, grandparents and children. The commonfolk lean towards a patriarchal social structure, with a mother often staying at home to take care and educate children while the husband brings home the food. Though it is not uncommon or frowned upon that a female works a job and earns her own living as long as she is not married. A married mother looking for a job or even working one would be condemned for neglecting her offspring and also harming her husband’s reputation by implying that he is not working hard enough to feed his family.
Homosexual or transgender individuals are accepted in their society. Because their culture is so diverse and differs from one place to another Desertfolk usually prefer to mind their own business before messing with someone else’s private affairs.


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